Javed has a lot in common with Kaifi Azmi: Shabana

7 years ago

Veteran actress Shabana Azmi, who is currently starring in a play on her father Kaifi Azmi, says her lyricist husband Javed Akhtar has lot in common with the late Urdu poet. Javed, 67, a poet himself, plays the part of Kaifi in the play alongside Shabana, who is essaying her mother Shaukat's role.



The 61-year-old actress says she had no doubt about Javed playing the part of her father. "Neither of us had any doubt about Javed sahab playing Kaifi. His sensibilities are exactly the same. My father and Javed come from the same background so they have the same sense of humour, they were interested in politics and Javed has been a public speaker even though he is not active," said Shabana, who was in the Capital last night with Javed to perform the play on Kaifi's 10th death anniversary.



"Kaifi Aur Main" is a theatrical collage based on Kaifi and Shaukat. It traces the life of the duo from childhood, to their unusual romance culminating in a marriage that lasted 55 years.  "This is Kaifi sahab's 10th death anniversary and this play was performed as a tribute to him by IPTA of which my father was a president for a long time and my mother a leading actress.


"And as a tribute it was decided that we would stage something on his life so Javed sahab took portions from my mother Shaukat Azmi's book 'Yaad Ki Rehguzaar' and took some portions from Kaifi sahab's various interviews and strung them together into a story," said Shabana. PTI

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