Jay Z smells like a clean tree: Rita Ora

5 years ago

London: Singer Rita Ora, who is signed to Jay Z's record label Roc Nation says the rapper smells like a "clean tree".


The 23-year-old 'RIP' hitmaker said the rapper seems fresh and clean, reported Daily Mirror.


"He (Jay Z) smells like a clean tree. Like, so clean and fresh," Ora said.


The singer said she was nervous to meet Jay Z's pop star wife Beyonce Knowles for the first time.


"I was so scared (when I first met her). She's the idol I've always wanted to meet. I mean, one of, but she was like the nicest. I've always, always, always thought she wasn't human," she said.


"And I swear I always think that she puts a plug in a socket at night and sleeps standing up or something because she's not human. But she was incredible, so kind, so honest, so caring, and so approachable," she added.     PTI

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