Jennifer Garner slams 'abusive' hacking

4 years ago

Los Angeles:Jennifer Garner has slammed the hacking of female celebrities' photographs and calls it as an "violent abuse."The 42-year-old says that stealing intiminate pictures of stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Anna Kendrick from their iCloud accounts and later posting it online made her so angry that she wanted to "hurt somebody", reports in the January edition of Loaded magazine, Garner said: "It's an invasion. It's violent. Its a violent abuse of women. They are not just doing it to any woman. These women know when they are walking down the streets that so many people have seen them in this way.She added: It just makes me want to hurt somebody.In her recent film, Men, Women & Children, Garner played a mother intent on shielding her young daughter from online dangers.IANS

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