Jennifer Hudson nervous about new drug movie

5 years ago

Singer-actress Jennifer Hudson reveals she was terrified to play a heroin addict in her new movie as she has never done drugs in real life.


The 31-year-old star admits she did not have any experience to play the drug addict in the new movie The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete, reported Contactmusic.


"It terrified me to play that part because I had no reference point. I'm 31 and I've never, ever, ever had a drink or done a drug in my entire life. I stick with Diet Coke and Crystal Light and water," Hudson said.


The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete is an American movie directed by George Tillman Jr and written by Michael Starrbury.  The story revolves around two youths, who are left to take care of themselves over the summer after their mothers are taken away by the authorities.


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