Jessica Alba learnt beauty tricks from grandma

4 years ago

Los Angeles:  Actress Jessica Alba says she learnt a lot of her beauty tricks from her grandmother.

The 33-year-old informs that living with her Latin grandmother, as well as her mother, as a child meant she was given a lot of fashion and beauty advice that she's carried with her ever since, reports

"My grandma, whom I grew up with and who helped raise me with my mum, loved aloe vera. If anything was wrong, she'd break her aloe vera plant and rub it all over,” she said.

"And she would put her red lipstick on her cheeks and lips, and her makeup was done. Whereas my mum, who's Caucasian, would wear every colour under the sun. She was crazy in the eighties, with, like, four eyeshadows and loud blushes.

"My mum wouldn't leave the house without having her full face on,” she added.  IANS

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