John gets relief in rash riding case

7 years ago

Actor John Abraham in spite of being punished for 15 days by the Bombay High Court gets a relief in the case of rash riding and injuring two natives.


The Actor will not be jailed and is granted bail on probation for his clean record and having no involvement in any sort of criminal or illegal activities. On his hearing justice RC Chavhan said that it is not wise to term wrong the decision taken by the lower court for the punishment as it is driver’s job to drive the car safely and avoid any accident.


The two victims and their relatives have filed an affidavit in the court for the withdrawal of the complaint against the Actor as they have reached a consensus with him. Seeking this, the court has ordered John to compensate Rs. 10,000 each to the two victims. So finally John Abraham will rest in Peace after six years of troble.


In 2006, John injured two pedestrians Tanmay Majhi and Shyam Kasbe, while riding his motorcycle in Mumbai's Khar Danda area. The Khar police booked John under sections 279 and 337 of the IPC for rash and negligent driving. John Abraham had rushed the victims to the hospital and has attended all his court hearings.

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