John Mayer pays tribute to South Korea ferry accident victims

5 years ago

Los Angeles: Musician John Mayer paid tribute to the victims of recent ferry accident during his concert in South Korea.


The 36-year-old appeared on the stage in Seoul wearing a yellow ribbon and announced that all the songs performed during the concert would be dedicated to those who lost their lives in the April tragedy, reported Ace Showbiz.


Mayer performed a number of hit songs including 'Your Body Is a Wonderland', 'Gravity' and 'Vultures'. He also announced that all proceeds from merchandise sales would go to relief aid for the disaster.


Mayer's concert was the first entertainment event that took place in Seoul since the accident that killed 268 people, many of which were students who were on a high school trip.


Concerts, festival and film premieres were cancelled and album releases were postponed as the country mourned the tragedy.   PTI

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