Jolie can compete with Monroe's beauty: Terry O'neill

5 years ago

Los angeles: Actress Angelina Jolie is the only modern beauty who could compete with silver screen legends Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner, says celebrity photographer Terry O'neill.


During his career, O'neill has captured the world's most iconic beauties during his prolific career and he insists the days of the movie siren are numbered because there are just few current stars who possess the look, the elegance and the class of the greats.


But he feels that there is one actress who rises above the rest, reports


"Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, all of them were stunning. Now, they all seem the same. The only one who really stands out is Angelina Jolie, a different class of girl altogether. She's a stunning, beautiful woman - a rarity,” he said.

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