Kamya Punjabi stronger after Big Boss experience

5 years ago

Mumbai: Television actress Kamya Punjabi who was evicted from "Bigg Boss" Saturday says she has come out stronger from the experience. "Everyone was constantly bickering, complaining and fighting. It was very difficult for me to keep my cool. But I think I managed," says Kamya who however could not achieve what she had set out to achieve.

Confesses Kamya: "I had gone to escape the pain of a broken relationship.I got divorced in August. It ended my marriage of 13 years. I was numbed. I was not able to face up to my mother and my daughter. I bottled up my emotions. I refuse to face up to my disappointment and hurt. Instead, I went into 'Bigg Boss' to forget my pain."

Inside the "Bigg Boss" house Kamya encountered a chaos that left her zapped. "The pain that I went in with remained with me. I've come out stronger and I am ready to face up to my pain now."

Kamya also came away with a dear friend. "Pratyusha Bannerjee ... she is my friend for life. She is all heart. We'll remain friends forever. And no enemies. None at all. I've no ill feelings at all towards anyone. All the people inside 'Bigg Boss' have taught me to be strong and patient."

Kamya has no future plans for now. "I've come out with a clean slate. I don't know what I am going to do next. Right now, all I can think of is my daughter and mother. I just want to feel normal." IANS

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