Kancha Cheenaa seeks more challenging roles

7 years ago

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While Sanjay Dutt is back in his ‘ home’, Congress, the ‘ Kancha Cheenaa’ of highly acclaimed film Agneepath is keen to make his presence felt in Bollywood than political theater. He is keen work in challenging roles which gives him enough scope to showcase his talent. On a campaign trial recently in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh for Congress, Sanjay Dutt says that he feels so relaxed and better after he gets an opportunity to work again for Congress.



In a candid interview with Ms.Anurradha Prasad, Editor- in- Chief of News 24 channel for her weekly show ‘Aamne-Samne’, Sanjay Dutt made it clear that he wants to move on from his past links with Samajwadi Party. “ While I have deep respect for Netaji (Mulayam Singh Yadav) and Akhilesh is like my younger brother, I feel at home in Congress for the obvious reasons that my parents had close ties with Congress since Pandit ji and Mrs.Indira Gandhi’s time,” Sanjay Dutt reveals.



‘How did you get an opportunity to campaign for the Congress ? ‘ “ A Congress leader from UP asked me to campaign in Allahabad. And I took the decision to campaign in UP there and then. I know that due to my stint with SP, some senior Congress leaders were annoyed with me. However, they were gracious enough to welcome me back . And before going on campaign, I informed Amar Singh. And I tell you he was very happy with my decision. In fact, it was he who discouraged me from joining SP, ” Sanjay Dutt informs.



‘As you are campaigning in the length and breadth of Uttar Pradesh, how many seats are predicating for Congress party in this elections ?’ With raw smile on his face, Sanjay Dutt said, “ I wish Congress gets all the seats as Rahul Gandhi is working very hard there,” adding “ I believe that they would increase their tally up to 20 per cent from their 2007 number.” And before answering this question, Sanjay Dutt asked, ‘ How many seats are there in the UP Assembly?



‘And replying to a question related to his statement that greatly angers Mayawati during the 2007 campaign, Sanjay Dutt justified what he said that then. “ There is nothing wrong if you offer ‘puppy’ to either your sister or some kid. Of course, Chumma is not okay,” Sanjay Dutt said.



‘Any plans to join politics?’ “ Priya is already there in politics and doing a fine job. I strongly believe that only one member of the family should enter politics. I am happy in films and enjoying my work to the hilt,” Sanjay Dutt said. ‘Will you mind joining Rajya Sabha ?’ “ Not a bad idea. I can consider this tempting offer,” Sanjay Dutt concludes with a smile.



You can watch ‘Aamne-Samne’ with Sanjay Dutt at 8.30 pm on Saturday (March 03) on News 24 Channel.

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