Kareena Kapoor speaks about Saif's ex-wife

7 years ago

By : Hina Fatima Khan


Embarking into a new life dumping your past does not ring the bells for Kareena Kapoor. This might not sound compatible with Bebo's attitude-imbued personality but its true.



Kareena does not hold any grudges for Saif's ex-wife Amrita Singh. Praising the actress for her films and acting skills, Kareena speaks her heart out for Amrita.



The couple share a special understanding and bonding for each other, it sounds so after Bebo speaks "good goody"  of her boy friend's ex-wife.



For Kareena, it was a marriage like other usual ones that did not work out and she wants Saif to keep a platonic relationship with his ex.



Talking positive without any cat fights, Kareena explores her love world asserting that she does not care about any other relationships of Saif with other ladies in his life.


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