Kate Upton poses in tiny swimsuit in zero gravity conditions

5 years ago

New York: How about watching a swimsuit shoot in a zero gravity atmosphere?

This did happen, and left everyone gasping for air!

On board a converted Boeing-727 owned and operated by Virginia-based Zero-G Corporation, a Sports Illustrated team shot their swimsuit special 34,000 feet over Florida.

For model/actress Kate Upton, this was an experience of a life time.

The company flew a series of 13 weightless parabolas and four parabolas imitating lunar gravity.

Here, Upton can be seen floating through the air as photographers and the crew capture the model.

"One small step for swimsuit, one giant leap for mankind," someone adapting astronaut Neil Armstrong's famous words said on Sports Illustrated website.

"The Zero-G experience was really exhilarating for everyone involved," MJ Day, editor of the swimsuit issue, was quoted as saying.

Once again, Kate surprised us all with how she handled modelling in weightlessness, he added.

Parabolic flights are used for several scientific and not-so-scientific zero-gravity experiments.

Previous Zero-G flights operated by NASA were not liked much by the public for their stomach-churning nature and became known as the 'vomit comets'.

Zero-G passengers experience weightlessness as pilots fly in parabolic arcs while thousands of feet above earth's surface.  IANS

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