Katy Perry couldn't afford music lessons

4 years ago

Los Angeles: Pop star Katy Perry says she couldn't afford music lessons when she was younger. The “Roar” hitmaker says she didn't have "the best educational system" as she moved around a lot growing up, but she has credited one of her former teachers for inspiring her to get involved with the charity DonorChoose.org now that she is a successful artist, reports people.com. "Unfortunately, I wasn't able to experience the best educational system, because my parents moved around a lot. I was often pulled out of school - even in the middle of the year. “I ended up being home-schooled and going to really strange Christian private schools before I left to pursue my dream. But even though I didn't always have the greatest education, I was influenced by a lot of my music instructors,” she said. Now that Perry is established and successful in the music industry, she is hoping to put her experience to good use to help others. "When I was about 13, there was one woman named Agatha Danoff who gave me Italian-opera vocal lessons at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, California. I couldn't really afford the lessons, but she found a way to give them to me anyway. “So I look at partnering with Staples for the Make Roar Happen campaign benefiting DonorChoose.org as my way of paying it forward. I want to remind people that a small gesture can make a large impact on the very basic materials classrooms need for teachers to help students reach their fullest potential,” she said. IANS

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