Kelly Brook has 'traumatic' childhood memories

4 years ago

London: Actress-model Kelly Brook has opened up about experiencing "horrific" and "traumatic" times during her growing up days.

She grew up in Kent, South East England.

Brook has revealed that although she enjoyed some aspects of growing up, she used to dread the weekends as a child as it meant going to the local pub with her parents who often got too drunk, resulting in regular fights.

"I used to dread the weekends growing up. Sundays especially. Sunday was pub day. We used to have a roast dinner every Sunday, and every other Sunday it would be burnt,” quoted her as saying.

"My parents would spend too long in the, come home p****d and eat the burnt Sunday lunch. Then there would be a fight and the police would be called. Or my dad would drive off in his truck,” she added.

Brook also remembers one occasion when the police took her father, who died from cancer in 2007 , away kicking and screaming.

Speaking in an extract from her autobiography “Kelly Brook - Close Up”, printed in The Sun newspaper, she said: "One of the worst times was when my dad came back from the pub and started throwing furniture around, while Mum and I huddled out of the way.

"My mother, Sandra, called the police and my dad, Kenneth, tried to climb out of the window to escape. He broke his leg trying to avoid them and they had to carry him down the stairs ... It was one of the most traumatic events in my childhood."

However, it wasn't just her parents' rows that Brook had to witness.

"As kids we would be in the local pub ... From a very young age I would see fistfights, shouting matches. I'd hear terrible language and see so much violence. I remember one bloke having his head smashed against the bar, his nose exploding and blood pouring everywhere ... It was disgusting, so violent and horrific,” she said.   IANS

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