Kelly Brook lashes out at 'stupid' exes

5 years ago

London: Actress-model Kelly Brook has branded her former lovers as "stupid" and "spineless", in her memoir, which she has penned to "close the door on all those chapters". The 34-year-old, who is engaged to former “Gladiators” star David McIntosh, says the realisation about men from her past was what prompted her to write her memoir "Close Up". "Oh, I've wasted so much time with stupid boy and doing stupid things, there's been so much written about me, I thought it's about time I closed the door on all those chapters,” quoted Brook as saying. "I've been so defined by those relationships and things that have happened, I wanted to put my point of view across. That way I can move on. "I wanted people to understand what happened, and I'm not a victim. It's just the nature of things. If you dance with the Devil, you get burnt,” she added. IANS

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