Kids first, career second, says Julia Roberts

5 years ago

Los Angeles: Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts says her children will always come before her career.

The "Pretty Woman" star is a mother of nine-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and six-year-old Henry and only accepts one movie a year, so she can spend most of her time with her family, reports

"I make one film per year and that's a good balance. My older kids have just turned nine and my son is six; they still need me. My family takes up a lot of my time and my creative energy, but I'm lucky to have worked enough already to allow myself to take time off," said Roberts, who made her acting debut in late 1980s.

"When I see my friends struggling to juggle both, I feel very privileged. I act less, but better; I've always been demanding (of a role), now I'm difficult," she added.

When asked about her family life, the 46-year-old said: "(It's) the same as every other stay at home mom. Sometimes, there are wet bath towels strewn all over the house, dinner isn't ready and the kids haven't finished their homework."   IANS

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