Kim Kardashian's app to aid AIDS research

4 years ago

Los Angeles: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is “thrilled” to help in the fight against AIDS by raising money through exclusive content on her “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” application.The 34-year-old is working with multinational corporations Apple and (RED) in honour of World AIDS Day Dec 1. Through her app, she`s offering exclusive new content and funds of all the in-app purchases will be donated to the Global Fund in a bid to eradicate the disease, reports“Players can show their support by participating in special (RED) events and purchasing exclusive (RED) in-game items like (RED) Beats headphones,” she said in a statement."As a `thank you` for their support, players can take a (RED) branded selfie with me and share to their social networks! Players can even attend a (RED) fundraiser event in-game. I`m thrilled to be able to support (RED) through Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” she added.As part of the special features, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star`s mother and manager Kris Jenner will become the first member of the family to get her own avatar as she helps gamers get to the top of the A-list.In the weeks leading up to World AIDS Day, 25 games, including “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” will be making new content available to raise funds.IANS

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