Kim wants to star in 'Downton Abbey'

5 years ago

London: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is keen to be a part of popular TV series “Downton Abbey”.

According to The Sun newspaper, Kim went as far as to get advice from actress Laura Carmichael (who plays Lady Edith Crawley in the show) on how to get a foot in the door, reports

"I'm a big fan. I'd love to be on it if they asked. I love things like that," said Kardashian.

She is no stranger to cameo roles as she has been in “Beyond The Break” and “Drop Dead Diva”, and recently filmed scenes for the fourth season of “2 Broke Girls”.

Actor George Clooney has also secured a part in “Downton Abbey”, which might have encouraged more Americans to sit up and wonder if they also have a chance. However, there is no news either way from the “Downton” people.

The fifth season of the series will start Sep 21 in Britain.



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