'Kolaveri Di' makes inroads into Pakistan

7 years ago

'Kolaveri Di', the song that has made India sway to its tunes, is making splash in Pakistan as well where a TV channel has come out with its own adaptation - a political satire.


'Where is democracy, democracy, democracy ji' is how the 'slap song' begins. The lyrics, like the original, are hilarious and take pot-shots at the government and the security establishment. The Pakistani version that was uploaded on the Youtube on December 17 comes at a time when talks of confrontation between the government and the powerful security establishment are at a high.


The video features five middle-aged men who seem disgruntled with the system in Pakistan. It points fingers at corruption and political system. In a very funny manner, the parody also shows how the governments are changed at the whims and fancy of certain people.


Some of the hilarious lyrics are, 'Your palace, Palace, light, light... My home black', 'Rise-u, rise-u... cheat-u cheat-u, 'empty jaib, missile come, life reverse gear'. The 3:25 minute song that also talks about 'jungle law' ends by saying the adaptation is for "poor public". PTI

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