"Kolaveri di success is sheer fluke"

7 years ago

From Prakash M Swamy Singer Kailash Kher, who is touring US with his band 'Kailasa', says the success of songs like 'Kolaveri di' is sheer fluke and will not stand the test of time.


The 38-year-old, who shot to fame in Bollywood with his sufi compositions, said such songs come like waves and disappear within a period of time.


"'Kolaveri di' for me is much-hyped and much-touted number, no thanks to the social media. The collapse of the movie led to the collapse of the song itself. How many Hindi songs are still being hummed by people even today though the movies could have been a big failure?


"Sometimes not-so-good work can get Academy Awards. We exaggerate a lot in India and get overexcited. India is full of emotional people. Our albums may be less popular number but they are sure to be preserved for life. That's the difference between good music and bad one," Kher told PTI.


His nine-member-band, founded in 2005, is a blend of medieval Indian music, Sufi and Western music and has the most distinct style of Kher where he sings as through a female devotee/lover trying to persuade her deity/loved one.


"Paresh and Naresh are my soul mates. We were born somewhere and met by chance. The core strength of all three of us is soulful music and core belief towards purity and love for music. Our emotions are same and that's one common thread that is binding all of us to create magic and music. Kailasa means divine and we create divine music," Kher said.


Asked about his future projects, he said, "Our belief and that of our band is so strong that we do not plan anything in advance. I am a feeler not a thinker."


Kher, who had once judged a singing reality show, said he finds them too commercial to showcase one's talent. "I find reality shows worrisome as the real talent is suppressed. Commercial interests bind their growth and many miss the real growth by attending such shows." PTI


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