KRK dreams of offering free sex with Sunny Leone to every Indian

7 years ago

E24 Desk

B-grade actor and producer Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) has been grabbing headlines for posting weird tweets on social networking website Twitter for quite some time now.  The actor recently commented on Aamir Khan’s Satymev Jayate and Bipasha Basu’s assets. With his latest tweet, this man now seems to be crossing his limits. The actor has now tweeted about Indian economy and inflation. Moreover, he wishes to become next Prime Minister of India. And this is because he wants to offer free sex! "If I become the PM of india so very first thing I shall do- Free sex. Jisko jaha jisko kiss karna hai Kare(sic)." What is even more interesting is that the actor wants Shakti Kapoor to be the ‘Sex Minister’. When he’s talking about sex, how could he forget porn star Sunny Leone? He pulled her as well in the discussion saying, "Beautiful Sunny Leone will be free for each and every indian during my govt(sic)." Kamaal is really Kamaal!

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