Lady Gaga promotes new album on Athens's streets

4 years ago

Athens: Pop star Lady Gaga stepped out in a revealing leather bikini and a jacket to pull off a promotional stunt for her new album here. Gaga departed from her hotel in Athens wearing dark sunglasses and super-high stiletto leather boots with a leather jacket emblazoned with the hashtag #CheektoCheek to put up posters of her new album, reports The singer raised eyebrows by heading to a local record store and sticking up a huge poster of her new album, set for release Sep 23, on the shop window. She posted a snap of herself on Instagram with the caption: "So I did some good old fashion (sic) street team promo on my own, hope they love it!" The 28-year-old star was leaving Greece after performing a concert at the Olympic Stadium in Athens as part of her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball tour. IANS

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