Lindsay lohan suffers wardrobe malfunction in true elizabeth taylor fashion

7 years ago

While shooting a dramatic scene for her upcoming movie Dick and Liz, in which she plays the late Hollywood star, Elizabeth Taylor ,Lindsay's intimate part accidently popped out of her dress.


Lohan was pictured aboard a boat in Marina Del Rey, California, filming a fight scene with her co-star Grant Bowler for the film.


The scene was shot on a boat that had been built to replicate Taylor and Richard Burton's romantic trip to the Bay of Naples in Italy in 1965.


In the physical scene, Lohan wears a chevron striped sundress with a halter top, along with hoop earrings and a matching bandana. Bowler drags her out of a doorway, kicking and screaming. As the top-heavy starlet tussled with Bowler, she popped out of her flimsy dress.


Lindsay was seen pulling away from Bowler on the deck but as she turned around to head into a door, her dress stayed where it was but unfortunately her left breast didn't and it popped out of the neckline.


It was soon rectified though and filming continued on the movie.


Elizabeth and Richard met while filming Cleopatra and fell in love despite being married to Eddie Fisher  and Sybil Williams respectively.


And Lohan's spokesperson Steve Honig added to the New York Daily News: 'I was standing there last week for publicity shots and prep when Lindsay and Grant  walked on set for the first time in full makeup and costume, and it took everyone’s breath away.'

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