'Made in India' Biddu pens debut novel

7 years ago

He pioneered the Indipop culture in India and gave us cult hits like 'Aap jaisa koi','Made in India' and 'Kung Fu fighting', but Biddu has now almost taken a sabbatical from music to concentrate on his new love writing.


"In life it is good to try new things rather than tread a road one has been going down like forever. Music is still there in the canyons of my mind, but writing novels is fresh, something new, like taking a new lover," says the 68-year-old composer, who has come out with his debut novel "Curse of the Godman."

In fact, he had signed a three-book deal with HarperCollins. The first his autobiography "Made In India" it was released in 2010. The third book in the series is set in Mumbai in the eighties.


"It is about a young street urchin and his sexual awakening as he comes of age. It is quite hilarious and fast paced," Biddu told PTI.


The idea to write "Curse of the Godman" came to him in Spain.


"I either wanted to make a film, but I had already done that with 'Star', the other idea was to have a restaurant, but I prefer eating to cooking and the third idea was to write a novel. The genesis for 'Curse of the Godman' came to me in a week, and gradually as I began writing the various sub-plots started to come through," he says.(PTI)

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