Madhavan gets a mekeover in 'Jodi Breakers'

7 years ago

He is famous for playing the "good guy" in films but actor Madhavan is set for an image change in his upcoming romantic film "Jodi Breakers".


The actor's character will be of a rogue,says director Ashwini Chaudhary. The story revolves around Madhavan and Bipasha,two individuals who break others' relationships but end up falling in love with each other.

"In Bollywood,you generally see him (Madhavan) as a nice guy but in "Jodi Breakers'I desperately wanted to give him a different image.My lead protagonist Sid is a little bad and a rogue," Ashwini told PTI.

The director wanted to closely study Madhavan,who started his career with Tamil cinema,and then suggested the changes in his character trait for the movie.


"What I found really interesting was that Madhavan was ever so willing to experiment.He too wanted to break that image.It was a challenge because he had to change everything,right from his facial expressions to mannerisms, body language and get up,"said Ashwini. PTI

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