Marathi director Umesh Kulkarni plans to make Hindi film

6 years ago

Renowned Marathi director Umesh Kulkarni, whose film 'Deool' won the national award, is planning to make a Hindi movie - a love story or a period drama.

"It (Hindi film) was never my destination but I will make a Hindi film. But that is not because I feel that is my final goal. I definitely like to make Marathi films. But there are certain subjects that I would like to explore in Hindi as I feel it is a better language for them," Kulkarni told PTI in an interview.

"I would want to make a love story, which I feel I should be making in Hindi. I want to make a period film in an era which is not defined -  an era of kings and queens that requires big canvas," he said.

On when does he see this happening, Kulkarni says, "I will be able to tell about that when there is something concrete."

Known for his Marathi films like 'Valu', 'Vihir' and 'Deool' as well as short films 'Girni' and 'Three Of Us', Kulkarni, an alumnus of Pune's Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), feels the Marathi film industry has to struggle constantly due to the presence of Bollywood.

"We are definitely struggling. Our films are better in terms of techniques and storytelling. Our stories are our stars. All the time we face problem about the release. As we have limited resources for publicity and distribution, we have to compete in same cinema halls where all the Hindi films are released," he said.

Meanwhile, the director was ecstatic that his latest venture 'Pune 52' was screened at the 14th  Mumbai Film Festival, organised by the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI).

Talking about 'Pune 52', Kulkarni says, "I have produced the film, Nikhil Mahajan has directed it. Based in 1992, it is the story of a private detective when the reforms and globalisation started. It is about relationship. It is in thriller genre."

The film will hit the screens on December 12.

"We have declared release date as 12.12.12...magical date. But we will take a final call depending on which Hindi film is releasing that day," he said.

Kulkarni feels that a filmmaker does benefit from a festival.

"It is a wonderful platform where you can show the film to an audience who is concerned about cinema as a medium of art. At the same time, it is an opportunity to meet other filmmakers and watch different films from various countries.

Also, you can understand where you are in terms of your cinematic journey," he added. PTI


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