"Marriage best thing to have happened to me"

7 years ago

By Joginder Tuteja

Actress Urvashi Sharma, who tied the knot with "Aazaan" actor Sachiin Joshi in February, says marriage is the best thing to have happened to her.


The 31-year-old actress, who made her Bollywood debut with "Naqaab" in 2009, says marrying the entrepreneur-turned-actor has made her life much easy and secure.


"I am feeling very secure in life and I don't have to go to sleep thinking how would tomorrow look like. I guess I can transfer all my worries to Sachiin and just enjoy this phase. For a married woman, it is sheer bliss to look forward to all the goodies that life has to offer to you. Marriage is indeed the best thing to have happened to me," Urvashi said.


Though the duo actually got married early February, it is only now that they have made it public. "It was Sachiin's idea to make all announcements when the time was right. Even when our marriage was kept as a personal affair, he took care of my immediate family and friends who were here for event," she said.


The actress decided to settle down at a time when many of her contemporaries are still waiting in the wings and repeatedly trying to make it big as an actress and Urvashi says she has no regrets about it.


"I want to get married at the right time, have babies and raise a family. I am ambitious but not at the cost of not living my own personal life. I am not a confused individual who will spend all her time thinking what's best for me and in the process lose out on precious years," she added.


Asked if she will bid adieu to films, she said, "That's a call which would be taken by Sachiin. I have no qualms in admitting that I would rather have his consent before stepping into films. I am sure he is understanding enough since he too has seen this industry up, close and personal. Still, it would be after mutual discussion and agreement that would decide my career ahead," she added. PTI

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