Mike Pandey to work with Big B, John Abraham

6 years ago

Renowned documentary filmmaker Mike Pandey has roped in superstar Amitabh Bachchan and John Abrhama for his upcoming feature film 'Return of The Tiger'.

The 90-minute feature film is based on the extinction of tiger and draws a link between human and tigers.

"I am happy that two Bollywood names are attached to my film because they have wider reach to the audience and that is what we need. What is more encouraging to see is that they offered to be a part of it. Bollywood now understands the importance of such documentaries and is ready to work on such social causes," Pandey said.

He has already begun shooting the film and he hopes that the culture of documentary is revived in the country.

"We understand that commercial movies are in demand but what we are asking for is a 10 minute slot before featuring films on screens. There is a demand for documentaries amongst audience just that we don't have a platform to promote them. We are asking Govt to help us and provide us a slot on Doordarshan," he added.

Pandey has won over 300 awards for his work to spread awareness about biodiversity and species conservation, including helping protect species such as the Whale Sharks, Elephants, Tigers and Vultures. PTI

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