Miley Cyrus concert banned in Dominican Republic

5 years ago

Santo Domingo: The Dominican Republic government has banned a concert where US pop star Miley Cyrus was scheduled to perform in the nation's capital on September 13. In a notice sent to the SD Concerts and Live Nation companies -- organisers of the concert, CNEPR entertainment and radio commission stated that in her concerts the singer tends to "stage acts at odds with the principles and customs" of the country. The commission said that "besides appearing onstage wearing inadequate clothing", the artist uses language and behaviour that are incitements to sex and violence. It also said that Cyrus uses unacceptable visuals and words, phrases with a double meaning, the justification of crime, violence and acts offensive to civility, incitement to have sex, lesbian sex, and the use of inappropriate objects in public. All this, it said, "is an attack on personal integrity and violates the rights of children and adolescents". The concert was to be held at Quisqueya Stadium in Santo Domingo. Since abandoning Disney's teen-star factory and her lovable all-American alter-ego, Hannah Montana, Cyrus has leaned on news-grabbing scandals to boost her visibility. Cyrus has also notoriously smoked a marijuana joint at the MTV European Music Awards in November last year and "twerked" with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2013. IANS

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