Miley Cyrus leaves Dolly Parton upset

5 years ago

Los Angeles: Singer Dolly Parton is reportedly upset with Miley Cyrus as the latter, who once used to adhere to her advise, no longer pays heed to her. Parton, 68, was like a guiding light for the 21-year-old even she was little. "Dolly really took Miley under her wing and told her from the time she was a toddler to chase every dream that comes into her head," quoted a source as saying. "Dolly was there every step of the way as Miley's career exploded, and she made several appearances on 'Hannah Montana' as the teen's Aunt Dolly," added the source. But the scenario is different now, and Parton isn't too happy about it. "Miley doesn't seem to pay much attention to Dolly these days one way or another. It breaks Dolly's heart because she used to consider Miley the daughter she never had - but Miley only plays the 'Dolly is my godmother' card when it benefits her," said the source. IANS

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