Miley Cyrus to throw 6000 pound party for homeless

4 years ago

Los Angeles: Singer Miley Cyrus is throwing a 6,000 pound Christmas party for homeless people.

The 21-year-old is determined to show her ``caring and sensitive`` side by employing a chef to cook a three-course dinner for her guests and enlisting waiters and waitresses to wine and dine them reports

“Most people only see the Miley who puts on a show. But she`s really caring and sensitive and wants to make a difference to the lives of homeless people,” said a source.

“She`s putting a lot of effort into this party, there will be waitresses to serve them. The whole thing will cost her around 6,000 pounds but she feels that it`s the least she can do,” the source added.

The hitmaker is also set to put on some entertaining games for her guests and she is said to be planning to perform at the festive bash.

“There will be fun and games after the food too, and Miley is bound to put on a little show for them to get the party started,” said the source.


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