Monica finds Bigg Boss 7 dangerous

5 years ago

Mumbai: Actress Monica Bedi, a former contestant of  the reality show Bigg Boss, finds the ongoing season as “dangerous”, but says it is interesting because of its unique and new concept of heaven and hell.



“This time Bigg Boss is very dangerous. A lot of fights are going on, but I am enjoying it,” Monica said in an interview.



Bigg Boss Saath 7 is based on the concept of heaven and hell and it shows the angelic and the demonic side of the  contestants on the show.


“The concept of heaven and hell that they have come up with, is very new and interesting. Participants in the show are good,” added the actress, who had participated in the second season of the show.



Monica has two favourite contestants on the show - Shilpa Agnihotri and Gauhar Khan. She feels the two are playing quite well.



“It is too soon to say anything but I think Shilpa (Agnihotri) is playing it very well. I am sure audience must be finding Gauhar interesting. She is quite popular and has done quite well in films also,” Monica said.



“But it is too soon to say that who will win,” she added.



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