My latest film has no songs and romance: Vikram Bhatt

6 years ago

Gaurav Dubey

Mumbai: Director Vikram Bhatt, who is back with his latest flick Horror Story, shared the intricacies of making horror films and his inclination towards producing such interesting off-beat flicks in a candid chat with News24 reporter, also mentioning his experience during the shooting of this film. "I have made several horror films and all of them proved to be successful. I expect my future undertakings to be a hit too," he said.


"All my films have a subtle touch of love story and the much needed Bollywood drama. I often come across youth in social media platforms who ask me why I don’t make hardcore realistic films. So, this time, I decided to do something different. My latest film has no songs and romance. The film begins with seven friends having a chat about a haunted hotel. Their conversation makes them visit the place and the film revolves around their experience in the hotel for a night.


"I hope my latest film will be appreciated by people and it will do well at the box office," he added.


When asked about his own horror experiences, the director said: "It is better to feel the horror yourself than share it as it often appears to be humorous to many."


He, however, shared one of his experiences on the sets of the film Raaz. He said the shoot which was primarily stationed in Ooty was a memorable one. He said, "One night I was out for a smoke. I sat on a rock and started enjoying the cool weather just when I realised that it was actually a grave. The incident shook me to the core. Being a director, I did not narrate this to the unit. Now, when I remember the incident, I still feel shivers running down my spine and only I know how scared I was to walk back to my room from there. It was very difficult to put up a brave face in front of others," Bhatt said.

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