New wave Bengali cinema a compromise: Adoor

7 years ago
The new wave Bengali cinema has met success at the box office and also won critical acclaim at the same time, but eminent Malayali filmmaker Adoor Gopalakrishnan dismisses the phenomenon as a 'compromise'.
"I cannot appreciate the trend. It is a compromise on the part of the filmmakers. They are doing something which is a submission to the demands of the market," Gopalakrishnan
told PTI during a recent visit to the city.
For the last two to three years, Bengali cinema has found a new idiom in which off-beat storylines and commercial considerations have shared equal space.
A string of such movies like 'Autograph', "Baishe Srabon", "Uro Chithi", "Ichche" and "Moner Manush" have been sleeper hits.
Describing these movies as 'khichidi', Gopalakrishnan said, "They add elements just to please others. As a filmmaker, I have always made films which I wanted to make
without making any compromise by thinking what others will say about them," said the 70-year-old veteran.
It was Adoor who had led the parallel cinema movement in Kerala with his debut film 'Swayamvaram' (The Selection) in 1972. PTI 

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