'Nothing wrong in Agent Vinod, it's upto Pak govt to decide'

7 years ago

Actor Saif Ali Khan today said that there was nothing "wrong" in his film 'Agent Vinod', to be released on Friday, and it was upto the Pakistan government to decide whether to lift its ban.


'Agent Vinod' has been banned in Pakistan due to certain references to the ISI.


"They have always banned our films, even 'Kurbaan' was banned there. Ideally, I feel it should not be banned, but it is upto their government and their point of view. I don't feel there is anything wrong in it (film)," Saif told PTI here.


About the scenes related to Pakistan, Saif said, "We have shown how Pakistan army is involved with Taliban...in Afghanistan, we have shown how they are encouraging terrorists activities in India, harbouring criminals from most-wanted list. If any of this is unreasonable or untrue, then it is fair enough."


The 41-year-old actor also said that if the film could become an action franchise, further films may be made into 3D format.


"I did not think of doing this movie in 3D, but I must say there were talks earlier about doing it. Personally, I don't understand 3D, I don't watch these films. But my son loves it. So may be for a larger audience we should consider that," he said.


"If it becomes like a big action film then we would shoot in 3D. But this is all at a later stage."


Saif added that he would keep featuring in 'Agent Vinod' series. But remained tight-lipped when asked if lady love Kareena Kapoor would do the same. PTI


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