Now, make Akshaye Khanna your vigilance officer!

7 years ago

Mumbai: To fight the menace of corruption, you can now appoint Bollywood actor Akshaye Khanna as vigilance officer at a government department of your choice! Gaming portal has tied up with the Akshaye Khanna starer Bollywood flick "Gali Gali Chor hai," and developed a game 'Yes Prime Minister' where one can appoint the actor a Vigilance Commissioner for their ideal India.

The movie which is about a common man fighting against the corrupt system bears an underlying resemblance to the theme of the game, which is also about building a corruption free India.

In the recently released comedy film, Khanna plays the character of 'Bharat' who is a common man fighting against the disease of corruption. When a netizen appoints 'Bharat' as a Vigilance Commissioner for an ideal India, it ensures that various departments inside the game like education, road, food and agriculture, power, etc, stay free of corruption.

Rahul Razdan, president of, says, "We have seen vyouth audiences actively participate in initiatives that address issues like corruption that concern them".

The theme of 'Yes Prime Minister' is to build India by taking control of various ministries like education, infrastructure, national security, railways, sports and urban development, etc.


Like in the real world, each Ministry has various departments under it. Players can contribute to the development of India by assigning development projects in these departments.

However, if these development projects are left unguarded, then corruption creeps in and takes over the system.

One can also invite online friends to come to their rescue by role-playing or volunteering as Vigilance Commissioners.

The most interesting part of the game is that one can also have their own court, where one can even sit in judgement to punish or reward the commonly news-making public figures.

The more pro-active a player is in the court, the more goodwill he earns for India and proceeds to higher levels in the game.  PTI

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