'Oh My God' director Umesh Shukla plans a film on scams

6 years ago

Director Umesh Shukla, who tasted success with his latest film 'Oh My God', is likely to make a film on scams highlighting the management of money.

Shukla's directorial venture had Paresh Rawal playing the role of an atheist while Akshay Kumar was seen in a modern day avatar of Lord Krishna.

The film is a satirical-comedy-drama on organized religion and is doing well at the box office after its release on September 28.

And now the director is toying with the idea of making a film on scams, share market.

"I am happy with the response to 'OMG'. I am working on two-three ideas. One film is about scams like in share market, the recent scams that have come out, world banking and management of money. It is about the economy of India. It is about the involvement of influential people, government and others," Shukla told PTI.

"Its about how people dream big. It is about spending within your means and not spend more. It's not about any particular scam but in general," he said.

Presently, Shukla is busy as the film is in the scripting stage which is co-written by Bhavesh Mandalia, writer of 'OMG'.

"By one-two months we should be done with scripting. We had this idea about this film, but we were busy with 'Oh My God'. Now that OMG has released we are toying around the film on scams in general," he said.

We haven't approached anyone yet for the film. We would first finish the script and then think of actors, he added.

Like 'OMG' Shukla says this film will also drive home a message.

"This film will have a message. I feel the film should be entertaining and yet have a message. Subject dealt in OMG usually turns out to be preachy. But I am happy that people liked it," he said.

For 'OMG' Shukla had got the backing of actor Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar, who were the co-producers of the film.

And for this film as well, Shukla is contemplating of approaching Rawal and Kumar to produce it but it is all in initial stages and nothing has been finalised.

"The other idea that I have in mind is about a mature relationship between a man and a woman. Presently we are working on this scam project," he said.

If all goes well, the film will go on floors next year. PTI


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