Om Puri wants government support for non-featue films

6 years ago

Veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri feels it is important that Indian cinema is not known by Hindi films only and wants the government to help promote non-feature films.

The 62-year-old, who inaugurated the Indian Pananorma section at the 43rd International Film Festival (IFFI) in Goa today, said it is often because of lack of money that non-feature films don't see the light of the day.

"Indian cinema is not only about Bollywood. There are beautiful and meaningful films made in different languages and regions but they don't find distributors and so are killed. I don't blame the distributors as they are businessman and want to earn profits and money but I request our government to look after this problem we are facing," Puri said.

"I think if the Govt coordinates with Doordarshan or launches a separate channel to screen these films it would make a huge difference to the independent and young talent in our country," he said.

IFFI's Indian Panorama section is divided in two parts - feature and non-feature film. The section will screen 20 feature and 19 non feature films during the course of 11 days.

Director Shivendra Singh Dungarpur's "Celluloid Man" based on Indian archivist P K Nair's life and work opened the non-feature film section.

"It is a wonderful experience to showcase the movie here. This film is not only my voice but of all the FTII pass out who felt the need to make this. We have found ourselves from the work of PK Nair and it was something we wanted to do," Dungarpur said.

The non-feature film jury comprises of names like theatre actor Mohammed Ali Baig, FTI alumni Jasmine Kaur and National-award-winning director M R Ranjan. PTI

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