Pak girl band traces influences to Bollywood

7 years ago

Introduced to Hindustani classical  music when they were just babies, Zeb and Haniya, of popular  girl band d uo from Pakistan say they were "quite shocked" when  they learnt that melody queen Lata Mangeshkar was not from Pakistan.

 "In our childhood, the cable TV in our area used to catch  Doordarshan so "Chitrahar" became a regular. We grew up  listing to those songs, without knowing that this music is  from India - a different country. For us, it was music, our music, the borders were irrelevant. It was only when we grew  up that geography dawned on us," says Zeb who is visiting India with cousin Haniya.


The duo is making their debut in the annual South Asian  bands festival beginning here on December 2 that will include  15 popular rock bands from across nine countries in the  subcontinent.


 "Growing up in a family where everyone not only loved  music but also lived it. Our grandmother used to hum Hindi lullabies, there was an uncle of ours who owned recordings of the entire series of 'Geetmala' (a weekly radio countdown show of top filmi songs from Indian cinema.) So we were shocked  when we came to know that Lata Mangeskar was not a Pakistani,"  says Zeb.


The singer duo is very excited about the concert here on  December 2 for which they say they have a surprise in tow. "We are featuring two surprise musicians in our  performance. One from a local Delhi band and the other also from Delhi but doing a very different kind of music," Haniya who is a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter told PTI).

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