Paris Hilton earns 1.6 mn pounds from four nights' work?

5 years ago

Los Angeles: Socialite Paris Hilton earned a whopping 1.6 million pounds (approximately $27,00,000) for working as a DJ just for four nights. The 33-year-old hotel chain heiress has been roped in to play superstar DJ, and provide a soundtrack to tourists and revellers in Ibiza, reports "She's making 1.6 million from the four nights - 207,000 pounds an hour," a source told The Sun newspaper. However, the source said Hilton may go unnoticed as the star spinning tracks behind the decks, as she has earlier been accused of just turning up, pressing the play button and then posing all night. "The crowds do seem to enjoy it, but most are too off their faces to care," the source added. Paris will stay in an exclusive luxury resort on party-fuelled Balearic Island for over a month. Her cushy job only requires a couple of hours every Wednesday night when she ventures to one of Ibaz's biggest clubs to host a foam party. IANS

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