Paul Mccartney campaigns for meat-free Mondays

5 years ago

London: Singer Paul Mccartney has urged fans to give up eating meat on Mondays to save the environment. The former Beatles star, who is vegetarian, has teamed up with Britian's Energy and Climate advisor Greg Barker to front the Meat Free Monday campaign, which aims to "catalyze transformative change and bring awareness to the global footprint that meat production has on the environment", reports In a new video posted, Thursday, MCCartney tells fans around the world, "Hi there, Paul speaking. Listen, I need your help. All I want you to do is just log in on pledge -- -- and pledge your support to the idea of Meat Free Mondays. "That's all you need to do, I need your help. Please do it. We'll send all these pledges to the politicians and then they'll do something about it.” Meat production is responsible for at least 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The issue will be discussed at the Climate Summit in New York City Sep 23, marking the first time members of the United Nations discuss the topic since 2009. IANS

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