Paul McCartney used songs to impress Nancy

5 years ago

London: Paul McCartney tested out the songs for his latest album New on Nancy Shevell, now his wife, when they first started dating.     The legendary Beatles musician wrote the tracks for his current record when he first started dating the US businesswoman in 2007, and used to play her his compositions down the phone, reported Contactmusic.     "I started writing these new ones a couple of years ago when I was first going out with Nancy and I used to ring her up each morning, and I knew - because she was in New York and because of the time difference - I had a few hours to write something, so then I'd ring her up and say, 'Do you want to listen to a song?' It was a good motivation for me, it was like, 'Come on, get those done'," he said.     The 71-year-old added Nancy, who he married in 2011, seemed impressed and didn't criticise any of his work.



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