People have not heard our type of music: Madboy/Mink duo

4 years ago

Lonavala (Maharashtra):Imaad, the actor-musician son of Bollywood veteran Naseeruddin Shah, and actress Saba Azad have combined their musical skills to form the Madboy/Mink band that belts out a mesh of old-school funk, disco and jazz. The two say their offering will take some time to warm up in the world of music."People are taking to it slowly as it is very fresh. They are kind of warming up to it as they need time to understand what the sound is. The strength of our band lies in its uniqueness," Imaad told IANS on the sidelines of the recent Enchanted Valley Carnival in Lonavala.Echoing this, Saba told IANS: "People have not heard our type of music. If you listen to any other electronic dance music (EDM) track, your body is programmed to move in a certain way, but in our case the sound is very new, so people don't know how to respond."There are quite a few common threads that tie Imaad and Saba together like their love for theatre and acting. Imaad feels that the combination of the three ensures better results."It ties up quite well because filmmaking and music-making are very close to each other just like close cousins. They work together closely," he said.The talented duo is also gearing up to get into the film business by producing independent films. "We have plans to make independent films to put our visions and thoughts across," Imaad said."We are kind of setting up our production house and we have already made a short film. We are giving finishing touches to the film; hence we cannot discuss much about it," Saba added.Imaad also noted that along with production, they are also planning to try their hand at direction.Accepting the low popularity of independent cinema, Imaad said sometimes things are done for personal satisfaction rather than business."You don't do everything for people. If you can manage to get you creative vision into the work, then you can also get the audience on the same page. It's a struggle."A lot of independent cinema are bad films; hence you cannot use the tag of independent cinema to pass any other random movie as serious cinema," he said.For 2015, the duo has planned to release a new album, for which they are expected to go on a tour as a part of its promotional activity.IANS

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