Phalke's family offers his manuscript play for TV serial

7 years ago

Two grand daughters of Dadasaheb Phalke, Father of Indian cinema, have offered to handover the script of "Rangbhoomi", a play written by Phalke in Marathi, to make it into a television serial or drama.


Phalke's grand daughters Usha Patankar and Madhavi Mitra said that they have the manuscript of 'Rangbhoomi"(theatre) with them, part of which is in Phalke's hand writing and they are willing to give it to anyone who would like to make a TV serial based on it or stage a drama.


"Rangbhoomi" written by Phalke towards the fag end of his life was a very long play. It was staged in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik but did not get good response as the show would go on till dawn. It showed how an artist has to compromise when he starts depending on financiers. PTI


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