Photographers boycott Salman's 'Bigg Boss' event

4 years ago

Mumbai: Photographers, who have decided to boycott Salman Khan's events after their alleged scuffle with his bouncers, were missing during a press conference for 'Bigg Boss 8'.         Salman, 48, had only a handful of photographers for the event.         "It is a lovely stand they have taken. I respect that. It is, in fact, my loss. They are taking pictures of all but me so it is not even their loss. I haven't banned them, they have boycotted me," the actor said.         When asked if he would like to make peace with the photographers, Salman said they need to make peace with themselves first.         "I am fine with them, I am open to getting clicked but if one wants to take pictures then it has to be done respectfully. It can't become like a fish market," the 'Dabangg' star said. PTI

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