Photoshop controversy hits Kardashians!

5 years ago

Ritika Handoo for ENI   New Delhi: The Kardashians have always hogged the limelight for supreme figures. The famous reality star sisters recently featured on the magazine cover of Notebook with a tagline — The Kardashians: Style icons with killer curves.

  But what has grabbed the eyeballs this time is not their hot bodies but the airbrushed pictures that shows them half their actual size.

  According to sources, photoshopped images of the Kardashian sisters have sparked a debate among their fans and followers.  The visibly slimmer waistline and face contours have not gone down too well with the readers.

  “The images look doctored,” says an annoyed fan.

  According to MailOnline, Ryan Moore, a famous Photoshop editor shows in a video how the celebrity images are airbrushed in order to make them look leaner and beautiful.

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