Pooja Bhatt tells Alia to read newspapers

5 years ago

Ritika Handoo for ENI

New Delhi: At a time when the Uttar Pradesh government is drawing nationwide flak for the Saifai Mahotsav extravaganza, even Bollywood celebrities are facing criticism for being “insensitive”.

However, the near and dear ones of our stars are making their best efforts to defend them. Soon after daddy Mahesh Bhatt came out in defence of darling daughter Alia for performing at Saifai when Muzaffarnagar riot victims needed attention, now it’s sister Pooja Bhatt batting for her sibling.

Pooja Bhatt tweeted: “To my baby sister Alia all I would say is read the papers more & do not let managers & agents decide your future. Immediate or otherwise.”

Well, Alia herself had previously admitted that she doesn’t even know what is happening in the world around her. Poor girl had no idea that she will find herself in a soup over no current affairs knowledge.

We hope Alia will take elder sister Pooja’s advice seriously this time!

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