Prasoon Joshi mentors kids to write book

7 years ago

 After bringing out a book written entirely by slum children, a second book loaded with catchy stories, a colourful cover with quirky illustrations also written by children coached by Bollywood lyricist Prasoon Joshi and including a short story by actor Shahrukh Khan's daughter, has been launched by a Delhi-based publisher.


The book, second in the series "Write & Read: By Us For Us", is the result of creative writing workshops conducted across six cities by Hewlett-Packard in collaboration with NGO Katha, an organisation that works at increasing literacy among slum children and also publishes books.


Ad-filmmaker Prasoon Joshi and Katha founder Geeta Dharmarajan mentored students in writing workshops conducted in over 100 schools in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai, with over 1400 participants. "These workshops were conducted as part of the 'I love Reading' campaign started by Katha, which aims to inculcate the love of reading in all children. We had initially targeted about 700 children, and were overwhelmed by the response,"Dharmarajan said at the book's launch here recently.


"I joined this initiative to  encourage students to think creatively and to tell stories using their vivid imagination," says Joshi who was also present for the launch of the book.

Stating that the Indian education system places less emphasis on arts and creativity, lyricist Joshi says there is an urgent need to protect and nurture children's curiosity and innocence.


"Parents turn children into adults too soon. Children have a lot of creativity and innocence which they lose upon entering school," says Joshi who began writing early in life and published his first book at age 17, "Main aur Woh" has wrote lyrics for "Taare Zammen Par" among other Bollywood films. (PTI)

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