Priyanka Chopra features in 'The Chainsmokers' album

6 years ago

After releasing her international single 'In My City', actress Priyanka Chopra now features in a song called 'Erase', a new original track by The Chainsmokers, comprising New York-based producer/DJ duo Andrew Winter and Alex Pall.

"Music for me has been a very organic process. I have been fortunate enough to work with the best and the most passionate people in the business. I have my team to thank for 'Erase'," Priyanka said in a statement.

"Even though I was hard at work on my debut music album they allowed me opportunity to break away and work with and feature on this single by 'The Chainsmokers'. These guys are super talented and completely crazy, which made the whole process so much fun," she said.

This is a new genre of music Priyanka has ventured into which is in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) space.

While the track 'Erase' will be made available in December 2012, a sneak preview of the song, released over the weekend was well received, garnering over 25,000 plays within a day of the release.

"Working with Priyanka was such an incredible opportunity. Priyanka has such a sensual voice that really opens up which allowed us to create this big room vocal house sounds and still have a hard electro break," The Chainsmokers said. PTI

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