Psy's Gentleman hits 53 million views

6 years ago

London:  Korean pop star Psy's latest single Gentleman has hit 53 million views on YouTube within just two days, owing to the popularity of his hit number Gangnam style.


However, Gentleman, the video of which went online April 13, has a long way to go to catch up with the 1.5 billion views of Gangnam style, reports

Gentleman witnessed 18 million views just after 24 hours of its release, and it saw a huge increase after 48 hours. The new number also has a new dance routine, and Psy hopes that it will eventually become as popular as his legendary Gangnam style. 

Gangnam style was awarded the Guinness World Records for the most 'liked' YouTube video of all time. It even broke the record of Justin Bieber's music video Baby. (IANS)

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